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Comments: This is my first product review after many years of being a very satisfied TW customer. Thanks to all of those who take the time to write reviews as I sure find them helpful and most are spot on. I purchased the craw and coffee looking for an alternative to spray formula that tends to get everywhere regardless of wind.
Upon opening both jars first time.... NOT IMPRESSED.  Did not smell much like anything and was disappointed. Tried it anyway and could not believe the results.  2nd cast with the craw 8.6lb bass.   Caught three more good fish in 5 min.  Tried same bait, same area with out scent... nothing.  Put it back on, Boom! a 4.5lb hit it. Don't know, and don't care whats in it or why it does not seem to have much smell to me, the bass sure love it and so do I.  Get it and fish with confidence.

Comments: At first I was skeptical but dang the coffee is what I got and tried it on a mega strike tube dunked em in like a kangaroo and boom fish on! 

From: Brian: CA 

Comments: Awesome product! I am a big jig fishermen, and I have noticed the fish holding on to my jig a lot longer. I very a little skeptical at first, but now I AM a true believe in this product. It is the only scent I carry in boat!

From: Tanner: Bedford, TX 

Comments: This stuff is amazing!  No lie, first time using the craw scent caught a 10 pounder flipping a dock.  The fish really hold on to the bait when you add this scent.  Highly recommend it.  I fish for the University of Arkansas and fish tournaments every weekend and this will for sure be my new scent!

From: Drew: Colleyville, TX 

Comments: This has one of the best products I have used that far exceeds any other attractants on the market and very easy to apply. This stuff does not wash off quickly, it last well beyond any other products available. I caught more bass now then anything I've used before.

From: George: Alamagordo, NM

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